Custom Security Holograms

Production process:

  1. With the help of computer a hologram artwork is designed according to the initial data submitted by a customer.
  2. The hologram artwork is edited and adjusted to the needs and requirements of our customer.
  3. Once a customer approves the hologram artwork, the “Master” hologram is made from which all the others will be duplicated.
  4. All the other holograms are printed according to the “Master” hologram.
  5. The “Master” hologram is saved. Under the necessity, holograms can be duplicated for the second time.


Types of holograms:

2D/3D – holograms contain several image planes, which are visually placed one behind another and produce an effect of three-dimensional structure.


Dot-matrix – a computer generated hologram in which the image is optically written dot by dot to construct the final image.


Extra security features:

Hidden microtext or a diagram which are invisible when looking with the naked eye.

Sequential numbers.

Holographic images are commonly produced on tamper evident material. Any attempt to remove the hologram results in the destruction of the image.