Stock Security Holograms

Stock security holograms are quite suitable when a limited amount of them is ordered, because there is no need then to make the “Master” hologram.


Production process:

  1. A customer chooses one of the stock holographic patterns.
  2. A customer chooses the size and shape of a hologram.
  3. The print colour is chosen.
  4. A customer sends via e-mail a logotype and a text to be printed on the hologram.
  5. The final version of a artwork is submitted to a client for final approval.
    Once approved the specified quantity of holograms is produced.

Authorization is made by incorporation of logo or other information for truly custom look.


It is impossible to erase or change the image and that is why stock security holograms fulfil their function of security as well as the custom security ones. We do not distribute the stock security holograms without customer authorization. We offer a full range of standard sizes and shapes of holograms.



Extra security features:


Under the necessity sequential numbering of holograms is added.
The images of holograms are commonly produced on tamper evident material.